Can I be a reseller?

Right now, we are focused on providing for supermarkets. However, we are working towards accepting resellers in the future! :)

Can I directly purchase products from you in bulk?

It would depend on different factors such as product type, availability, and purpose of purchase. Please Contact Us for any inquiries.


Can I purchase your products online?

Right now, we are focused on providing to supermarkets. However, you may find us in our partners' online websites in the meantime as we are working towards serving you online SOON! :)

What are your delivery options?

We are not available for delivery yet. For orders purchased with one of our online retailers, please contact them for specific inquiries.

Social Media

Please follow us at our Facebook page!


Where can I buy your products?

We are available in most supermarkets nationwide! Please check out our partners tab for more information on our trusted sellers.

Which retailer do I find a specific product?

Product availability will be dependent upon the supermarket/retailer themselves. Please contact your local retailer/supermarket for stock availability.

How much are your products?

Pricing would be dependent on the supermarkets/retailers themselves. Please contact your local supermarket/retailer for more information.


Are you hiring?

Please check out our Careers page for positions available for hire.