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Tips are made from 100% pure cotton which is naturally absorbent and gentle with flexible non-breakable stems.

Great for both kids and Adults!



• Ideal for applying make-up, removing make-up mishaps, help in applying falsies, lip lines and other uses.

• May be used to clean around the eyes and outer ear.

• Ideal for cleaning and touching up nail polish and for nail art uses.

• Applicator for creams, ointments and antiseptics.

• Ideal for first aid and general hygienic needs of the entire family.

• Ideal for cleaning hard to reach places in electronics like phones, keyboards and more.

• Perfect for cleaning eyeglasses, earphones, jewelries and more.

• For arts and crafts uses.

Cuddles: Cotton Buds Polybag


• Tips is not equivalent to Pieces

• 108 Tips = 54 Pieces ; 200 Tips = 100 Pieces

• Plastic Stem

✓ Choose among 5 different colors/variants: Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, or White

✓ Choose among 2 different variants: 108 Tips or 200 Tips

✓ What's Included: 1 pack of 108 Tips or 200 Tips in polybag per order

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