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Thanks to the new technology of interweaving cotton fibers. Now we have cotton that is thin yet absorbent. Made of 100% high grade natural cotton. Soft and gentle. Clean and sterile. With side seams - no fluffs, no tear. Ideal in size, shape, and thickness - no wastes, no pulls, no need to flatten. Very convenient and economical. 

- Packaging is resealable to keep your cotton squares clean and tidy 

Ideal for: 
- Facial cleansing, removing make-up and nail polish
- Cleaning baby’s delicate skin - soft & gentle
- Cleaning superficial cuts & scrapes, applying medication to the skin

Cuddles: Cotton Rounds

  • Dimensions with Packaging: 90mm(L) x 60mm(W) x 235mm (H)
  • Weight:
    • 50's: 52 g
  • Materials: 100% Pure Cotton
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Packing Materials: Plastic
  • Shelf Life: N/A
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