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Tips are made from 100% pure cotton which is naturally absorbent and gentle with flexible non-breakable stems. Great for both babies and adults!



• Cleans in between baby’s fingers, toes and other creases on the skin, around the eyes, nose and outer ear.

• Ideal for applying make-up, removing make-up mishaps, touching up nail polish and other uses.

• Applicator for creams, ointments and antiseptics.

• Ideal for cleaning hard to reach places in electronics like phones, keyboards and cleaning earphones, eyeglasses, jewelries and more.

•Ideal for first aid, general hygienic needs and daily use of the entire family.

Cuddles: Mini Cotton Buds

✓100% Pure Cotton

✓Plastic Stem

✓Choose between 3 different variants: 200 Tips, 300 Tips, or 400 Tips!

Note: Tips are not equivalent to pieces. 

200 Tips = 100 Pieces ; 300 Tips = 150 Pieces ; 400 Tips = 200 Pieces

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